Wildlife Art

All Wildlife Art is created from Alaska Horns & Antlers

by Artist Tony Russ

Since no two horns or antlers are alike, each carving is unique.

Each horn or antler has its own size, thickness and color — all of which affect how the artist takes into account when determining and creating the final scene. Because of these variables as well as customer requests and who provides the horn for carving, the final price of the finished artwork will vary somewhat.

However, the pieces on this page sell for between $300 (the single wolf on the small piece of caribou antler) and $3000 (the very large moose antler carving). Many small moose antler carvings sell for less than $600, but most sheep horn carvings sell for $900 to $2,000.

Please email Tony@TonyRuss.com with any questions; provide your telephone number if you would like to discuss specifics of a carving.