Resting at Twin Peaks’ First Bench

May is a great month to work on conditioning for a sheep hunt, or any mountain hunt. Here is Alaska, the warmer weather (60 degrees yesterday) has us all thinking of summer activities like fishing, rafting, hiking and camping. But it’s still too early for most of those serious Alaska Outdoor Adventures. So, it’s an ideal time to work on conditioning, before the busy months of June and July preempt us from regular workouts.

My partner and I again climbed the Twin Peaks Trail in the Matanuska Valley yesterday. The 1000-ft. climb with no stops was not very difficult with a 60-lb. pack, although we could have pushed faster to make it as difficult as we wanted. For the first time this summer with that much weight, it was a good installment into our conditioning for an August sheep hunt. And neither of us were sore the next day, so that speaks volumes about how we are approaching ‘sheep shape.’ And May days are often wonderfully clear, cool days – ideal conditions for climbing and dreaming of sheep hunting in Alaska.