The Alaska outdoors is full of sights and sounds this time of year. Birds are returning and nesting here in the Matanuska Valley – some right in our back yards. On one of daily walks my Lab jumped a female grouse that led him on a fluttering chase. I immediately thought ‘broken wing act to lead him from her nest.’ Sure enough, I found her ground nest tucked up against a small spruce tree, complete with 11 tan-with-brown-speckles eggs.

Spruce Grouse Hen on Nest

I quickly called my dog and led him at heel away from the sight. The bird returned quite quickly with no apparent distress. Now we walk a different route and I’m watching for any other ground nesting birds to keep my dogs away. I keep tabs on her from a distance to make sure she has a successful nesting season, and so I can take the neighbor’s kids to see once her chicks hatch and they all desert the nest. They will love to inspect the nest and the remnants of the eggs.

Eleven grouse eggs