We are basking in the heat of spring here in Alaska. At least it feels like heat after several months of record snowfalls and low temperatures in several locations. It’s wonderful to walk on dry pavement in sunny temperatures of over 40 degrees. My dogs and I are both ecstatic at anything above freezing. Even the 70+ sunny days in July are hard-pressed to compare to the feeling of sunny spring “heat” in Alaska.

We did get out a couple weeks ago to try and reduce the population of trout-and-salmon-eating pike in asmall lake across the Big Susitna River. We had a great, sunny day and 12 of us enjoyed the day. Of course, that means we didn’t do too well catching pike. Perhaps the heavy snow still covering the lake limited the light filtering down to activate the pike. For whatever reason, they were not biting so we caught just a few.

March 2012 – Lookin’ for Pike

We planned to go again this week, but the onset of spring foiled our plan. The Su is not (safely) crossable according to those who live there, so we’re done across the river for the winter. We have made alternate plans to fish a local lake for trout. With forecasts calling for 50-degree, sunny weather, it is bound to be very enjoyable, regardless of the number of trout we catch.