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“The stories from these seventeen women who hunt evoke inspiration, challenge, and courage for my own next step into the field. Christine Cunningham skillfully and faithfully presents stories that open my eyes and mind to possibility.” -Pegge Erkeneff, Author

“. . . I have been delighted, intrigued, sympathetic toward, and able to personally relate to the hardships, emotions, triumphs, failures, and determination each woman has expressed in her particular hunting experience. Cunningham has done a masterful job of translating each woman’s particular experience into words which let me experience the hunt as though I were there . . .” -Howard Delo, Outdoor Writer, Alaska Fisheries Biologist (retired)

“The heartfelt family connections of these adventurous women, demonstrate the close ties we have all experienced with family members helping to shape who we are later in life. These vivid stories of exciting hunts take each of us right into the field on their adventures.” -Jerry Soukup, Hunter Information & Training Program, Alaska Department of Fish & Game

“I always enjoy hearing and reading about people getting in touch with Creation, whether it’s enjoying a walk in the woods, which often hunting is…..  to the thrill of the chase, engaging all the senses, and harvesting Alaskan resources.  This is a great adventure story made even more interesting personally because of knowing several of the women who shared their stories.” -Sherry Wright             

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Women Hunting Alaska

Christine Cunningham

Table of Contents

Location of the Stories 
Author’s Note to Reader 

Chapter 1 Sue Entsminger: Sheep 101
Chapter 2 Jehnifer Ehmann: Hunting from the Heart 
Chapter 3 Charity Green: Bringing Home the Groceries
Chapter 4 Julia Heinz: A Hunt Begins with a Hike
Chapter 5 Kristy Berington: Welcoming the Rain
Chapter 6 Rebecca “Becky” Shwanke: Into the Fold
Chapter 7 Liz Schmitt: The Shoot, Shoot, Don’t Shoot Moose
Chapter 8 Jodee Kuden: Bear Country Blacktail
Chapter 9 Corey Cogdell: Tough Choice 
Chapter 10 Heather Wilson: Above and Beyond
Chapter 11 Anna Norris Vorisek: Her Own Piece of Country
Chapter 12 Molly Copple: The Sportsman’s Daughter
Chapter 13 Sam Oslund: In the Shadow of Greatness
Chapter 14 Mary Lefebvre: Hunting the Icons
Chapter 15 Billie Hardy: Sunshine Girls
Chapter 16 Joyce Norman: The Fanged Squirrel 
Chapter 17 Ethel Leedy: Every Animal is a Trophy

Appendix: Eternal Links
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