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Guns and Bears

I finally got out to break in my new Winchester Model 70 chambered in 30.06 Springfield – fired one shot six times and cleaned each time, then fired three 3-shot groups and cleaned after each. I’ve been without a large caliber rifle for a couple years, and just used...

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Blackies are Out!

A friend has taken three black bears (in a predator control area) so far this spring, and it is still April. Bear Hunting in Alaska is about the only hunting season open in the spring so we all look forward to it as our first Alaska hunting trip after the long winter....

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Getting into Sheep Shape

April is a slow month for Alaska outdoor adventures. Thus it is a great time to just work on getting into sheep shape. The weather is cool, the trails are not busy, and I can get a headstart on training for upcoming Alaska hunting trips this fall. Although I have four...

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Alaska Outdoors in the Spring

April in Alaska is a transition month. We love the longer days and the sunny days and much warmer temperatures. Those hardy individuals who train all winter in pursuit of winning the Iditarod can now rest for a few months. The snow and ice are quickly receding and our...

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