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Fishing in the Valley

I tried the Kepler Bradley lake sytem here in the Matanuska Valley yesterday. Every lake I visited had visible spawning trout near shore; 14-24″ range. One lake had 70-80 visible from one spot in a 100′ circle. Fun to see them. These were even feeding, surprising so...

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Three Months ’til Opening Day

Resting at Twin Peaks' First Bench May is a great month to work on conditioning for a sheep hunt, or any mountain hunt. Here is Alaska, the warmer weather (60 degrees yesterday) has us all thinking of summer activities like fishing, rafting, hiking and camping. But...

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Conditioning for the Alaska Outdoors

The Matanuska Valley has several picturesque trails I use for conditioning. The Matanuska Lakes Trail system connects to the Crevasse Moraine Trail System. Together they contain over twenty miles of trails with dozens of ups and downs over the moraines left by the...

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Valley Lakes are Opening

As I write this, I should be in the Alaska outdoors – casting into the recently opened edges of our Matanuska Valley lakes. Virtually all of them have at least 20-30 feet of open water along the edges, some much more. The first ones to go like Finger, Kepler/Bradley,...

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Hunting Dogs Grow up Quickly

My 21-month-old Labrador amazed me yesterday. Not having owned a hunting dog previously, I wasn’t expecting him to mature over the winter without training on specific tasks. I took Taiga out back to our meadow to throw and plant two frozen training birds. Without any...

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Packin’ Shape

One of the requirements of a successful, enjoyable sheep hunt, or any Alaska hunting trip, is that the hunter be in ‘packin’ shape.’ It’s great to be able to climb all day in the sheep mountains, but being able to carry a loaded pack comfortably is equally important....

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