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Ear Protection 101: Preventing hearing damage for hunters

Exposure to firearm noise has created a market for hundreds of different ear protection gadgets, but many of these are still not worn by hunters. Recreational firearm noise exposure is a serious problem that affects many hunters, who don’t realize symptoms until later...

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Sheep Conditioning 101

The Butte near Palmer is ready for climbing. It is one of the first hills here in the Matanuska Valley that is free of ice and snow early each spring. I just climbed it this morning, along with about 47 other people and dogs enjoying the sun. 50+ degrees feels great...

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The Heat of Spring in Alaska

We are basking in the heat of spring here in Alaska. At least it feels like heat after several months of record snowfalls and low temperatures in several locations. It’s wonderful to walk on dry pavement in sunny temperatures of over 40 degrees. My dogs and I are both...

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Grouse Eggs have Hatched

Ten of Eleven grouse eggs hatched Three weeks after finding this spruce grouse nest in my back woods, I discovered the eggs had hatched – June 14th. The hen and her little chicks had left, with one unhatched egg left behind. Yesterday I took the neighbor and his two...

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The Wonders of Nature

The Alaska outdoors is full of sights and sounds this time of year. Birds are returning and nesting here in the Matanuska Valley – some right in our back yards. On one of daily walks my Lab jumped a female grouse that led him on a fluttering chase. I immediately...

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Gun Dog Training in the Valley

One of the many Alaska outdoor adventures during summer in the Matanuska Valley is retriever training. Last weekend I took my Labrador to the first picnic fun hunt test of the summer. These type of retriever field trials are meant to test a retriever’s ability to hunt...

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