I finally got out to break in my new Winchester Model 70 chambered in 30.06 Springfield – fired one shot six times and cleaned each time, then fired three 3-shot groups and cleaned after each. I’ve been without a large caliber rifle for a couple years, and just used my wife’s ’06 in the hiatus. After owning a .416 and a .300 Ultra Mag lately, it is pleasant to shoot the 30.06. Now I need to put a couple hundred rounds through it by fall so I feel good about hitting what I aim at with certainty.

I chose to go most of the way out the Pt. McKenzie road from Wasilla for another of my Alaska outdoor adventures, and ran into a couple older hunters going bear hunting in Alaska. I talked to them when they came back from checking on their black bear bait station. They had no activity at the bait station yet. Typical for this early in the spring. Many of the bears are not out yet, and it seems that even when they do come out it takes a few weeks before they want anything but grass. Baits aren’t typical hit with regularity around this part (Southcentral) of Alaska until the latter part of May. And the really good time is early June. If you are going to hunt Alaska now, spot and stalk hunting would be more productive.

Southeast black bear