Ten of Eleven grouse eggs hatched

Three weeks after finding this spruce grouse nest in my back woods, I discovered the eggs had hatched – June 14th. The hen and her little chicks had left, with one unhatched egg left behind. Yesterday I took the neighbor and his two boys, three and five, to examine the nest and egg shells. They were very interested with lots of questions. I have been hard pressed to keep my Lab away from the hens with their chicks as he found two sets today. He does respond quickly when I call him off, but I may have to change my daily walk until the chicks can fly, which may be only a few weeks away. We will not hunt these backyard birds so they may survive the human pressure and always be there for us to enjoy. We will take our Upland Hunting in Alaska to more remote areas of the Matanuska Valley where bird populations have more habitat to thrive.