The Matanuska Valley has several picturesque trails I use for conditioning. The Matanuska Lakes Trail system connects to the Crevasse Moraine Trail System. Together they contain over twenty miles of trails with dozens of ups and downs over the moraines left by the last retreating glaciers in the Valley. Friday I took my two dogs for a two-hour run/walk. It is a wonderful place for everyday dog owners and those interested in raising housedogs that stay healthy and happy. They had a great time and I took one more step toward getting into sheep shape.

Taiga located four male spruce grouse with their mating colors – mostly consisting of a large crimson patch over their eyes. He treed them, then left on command to find another. After a long winter of few bird hunting trips, he was thrilled to go ‘hunting’ again. We are both looking forward to upland hunting in Alaska this fall.

These trails are some of the first to open in the Valley and are used regularly by locals looking for early spring exercise. With the constant up/down/up pattern on these trails, it is a great workout for those looking to get in shape for the summer. However, there are also a few relatively flat areas on spurs that connect to University of Alaska land along Trunk Road. And the abundant bird life and numerous stocked lakes, there are several attractions of these trails. My wife and I and our two dogs love this area.

Taiga & Loomis Resting Along Matanuska Lakes Trail System