Tony Russ and Northern Publishing

Like many small businesses, Northern Publishing is mostly run by me. I do have occasional paid help and more frequent help by friends and family who help promote, sell, deliver and even create my books.  Many of the photos in my books are from their outdoor adventures, as well as my own. The success of Northern Publishing is partly dependent upon the help of these people.

I wrote my first title, Sheep Hunting in Alaska, in 1994 at the urging of my clients whom I met on my guided hunts. I started Northern Publishing at that time to facilitate getting this first title in print. Since then I have written four more titles and hope to write many more. I have also published three titles for other authors and am looking for more to publish–for those of you who are looking for a publisher.

My Alaska Art  is an outgrowth of my personal hunting and guiding activities. Much of what I enjoy doing here in Alaska is apparent in my carvings.

I doubt I will ever be a big business with more than a few employees. I do hope to continue as a successful small business because I love what I do. Hopefully, that shows in the quality of my products and I can continue to give you, my customers, good value for your money.

Tony Russ

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