My Services:

  1. Publishing books on topics about the Alaska Outdoors and Alaska historical biographies.
  2. Helping others self-publish their books, publishing for them, or consulting about writing and publishing.
  3. Seminars on hunting, outdoor gear selection, publishing, and guiding in Alaska. I will present these free of charge to most non-profits. I can present them to small or large groups and they can be tailor-made to your groups interests.
  4. Commissioned carvings in Alaska sheep, moose, and caribou horns.

My Credentials:

  • Fifty-two year resident of Alaska
  • Forty-one years of Alaska hunting experience
  • Has taken seven Dall sheep with a bow
  • Took World Record Pope & Young Dall sheep in 1988 - still #1
  • Authored Sheep Hunting in Alaska - 1994
  • Authored Bear Huntin in Alaska - 2004
  • Has written six books on Hunting in Alaska
  • 14 years of publishing experience
  • FNAWS Archery Dall Sheep Gold Medal Award - 1997
  • FNAWS Archery Dall Sheep G. M. Guide's Award -1998
  • Guided #2 SCI Archery Dall Sheep - 2000
  • 13 years of seminars on sheep hunting and outdoor gear selection

Most Popular Books

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