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Like many small businesses, Northern Publishing is mostly run by me. I do have occasional paid help and more frequent help by friends and family who help promote, sell, deliver and even create my books.  Many of the photos in my books are from their outdoor adventures, as well as my own. The success of Northern Publishing is partly dependent upon the help of these people.

I wrote my first title, Sheep Hunting in Alaska, in 1994 at the urging of my hunting clients whom I met on sheep and bear hunts in Alaska. I started Northern Publishing at that time to facilitate getting this first title in print. Since then I have written five more titles and hope to write many more. I have also published seven titles for other authors and am looking for more to publish–for those of you who are looking for a publisher.

My Alaska Art  is an outgrowth of my personal hunting and guiding activities. Much of what I enjoy doing here in Alaska is apparent in my carvings.

I doubt I will ever be a big business with more than a few employees. I do hope to continue as a successful small business because I love what I do. Hopefully, that shows in the quality of my products and I can continue to give you, my customers, good value for your money.

Our Best Selling Books

Sheep Hunting in Alaska

Vanished! Dall sheep had done this to me before and now it happened again. The only difference this time was that I was carrying a bow instead of a rifle. After spotting a legal 7/8 curl Dall ram an hour ago I stalked up one ridge to the peak and down another ridge on a route that should have put me …

Bear Hunting in Alaska

Big brown bears are what most hunters are looking for. However, the quality of an Alaskan brown bear trophy is dependent on several important characteristics. Trophies can vary in skull size, hair length, hair density, hair color, the number and severity …

The Manual for Successful Hunters

…is an invaluable reference for all North American big game hunters. This book covers all the skills and techniques needed by successful hunters from the Southern deer woods to Alaska’s Brooks Range. The book is full of relevant advice for beginning hunters as well as seasoned veterans.



Sheep Hunting in Alaska

“Without your book, it [my hunt] had the potential to be a disaster. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your knowledge and for emphasizing safety. I’m sure many others have benefited as I have.”

– Terry Miller


Bear Hunting in Alaska

“I just finished reading your book Bear Hunting in Alaska. It should be mandatory reading for anyone that guides clients for Brown bears.  I know I wish the guide I went with had read it before I spent the money to come up to Alaska to hunt Brown bears.

– Jack


Hunting the Hunter

Definitely a “must read” for anyone even thinking about hunting predators. Rick is one guy that not only talks the talk, but definitely walks the walk. This guy puts forth more honest effort in the pursuit of his passion than anyone I’ve ever met before. Good job, Rick!

– Rick C. Ellis, Alaska Frontier Trappers Association President

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